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Name — Karen Dabrusin 10/3/2011

was there recently and had your fudge and choc. covered almonds…so good, I wish I could get more, but I live in Calif. Do you do mail order?


Name– Jordan Rumsey 5/26/2011


Hello! :D. I absolutely love your homemade ice cream . It’s soooo yummy. I’m thinking about going over to Winthropthis coming weekend and I was wondering if you have any healthy options for someone on a diet on your wonderous menu of ice cream flavors.
Fan of Sheri’s for LIFE


Richard Sirota /8/2011

Doug, The last time or two I was in, you were kind enough to give me the recipe for my favorite candy, sea foam. I cut it down to 1/3 and attempted to make it. The first thing i found out that I had to make three pan changes to bigger and bigger. Then, Itwas hard to get it above 250 degrees. If finally went above “ball” to what I think was aoout 175-185. I am going to get a better thermometer. I pulled it off the burner, waited a moment and added the baking soda. It started to rise and I stirred.

I dumped it into the coconut oiled cookie sheets and it began to get hard.

The problem is that is isn’t porous. It was fairly solid and uneatable. I sort of mushed it down when I dumped it out to make it flatter. Also, I didn’t stir for very long after adding the soda.

I got close, but not quite. Either it didn’t get hot enough (those grocery store thermometers are probably not good) or I missed some other step. Could you give me a tip? Thanks very much. Here is my 1/3 recipe:
3.67 lbs Sugar
2 C heavy corn syrup
2 C water

Combine all ingredients above

(1) Heat to 242 degrees
(2) Boil to 244 degrees

Add 0.053 lbs (.848 oz; 24g) of gelatin [pre-mix with cold water]
Stir consistently
At 285 degrees, take off heat, cool 30 seconds
Add 0.133 lbs (2.128 oz; 60.32g) of baking soda
Stir like crazy
Drop on greased cookie sheets


Name– Keri H. 4/16/2011


Hi Doug & Sheri, Just want to say we have been camping at Lake Pearrygin for the last 4 yrs. and the SWEET SHOPPE is the first place we go! Your SWEETS are the BEST we have ever had. We can spend forever in there!! See you Memorial Weekend! Thanks for making us happy!!!!


Angie B. Seattle, WA 4 star rating 9/16/2010

Putt-putt saved our vacation! OK not really, but it sure helped keep our almost 4 year old busy. What he lacks in finesse, he makes up for in enthusiasm for the game & rule-making originality! We visited a cabin in Mazama (~15 min from Winthrop) for a long weekend. The area is beautiful with lots of hiking, mountain & road biking options, horseback riding, river rafting, etc…but sometimes w/ the kiddo, you just have to resort to a good ‘ol game of putt putt. And candy. And ice cream. And caffeine for adults.


Heather O. Seattle, WA 3 star rating 12/6/2010

It’s quirky, but not the best “sweets” you’ll find. Still, it’s fun to get a chocolate-dipped nutter butter every now and then 🙂


Lucy H. Redmond, WA 5 star rating 12/4/2010

This places if pure sugar heaven! Get ready to be overloaded on candy, chocolate and ice creme. It is really like Willy Wonka’s factory in here and I feel like a kid every time!


Cathy S. Seattle, WA 4 star rating 7/11/2010

Just imagine, the smell of homemade waffle cones! That’s what drew us in here on a hot Saturday afternoon of walking around in Winthrop. Even though the area where the ice cream counter is seemed crowded we were served almost immediately. The ice cream selection was unlike anything I have seen if a few years. It rivals some of my favorite ice cream shops back east in Massachusetts. Anyway, I opted for an original (mint chocolate chip) and it was so creamy and full of flavor. Be sure to get the waffle cone, it tastes just as good as it smells!


Lucky R. Woodinville, WA 4 star rating 9/15/2010

Caramel that’s delicious paired with chocolate that is scrumptious and nuts that are fresh and tasty. Also on the menu: chocolate covered Twinkies, Oreos, cherries (so cute with their stems in a little cup) and honeycomb (a favorite, I hear); sugar sticks; double-salted licorice (I hear it’s not for the faint of heart, it’s REALLY salty); and very nice English Toffee. Bear Claws (Macadamia nuts, caramel, chocolate) and Pecan Turtles (the naked turtles are boring, unless you can’t eat chocolate) are my favorites. I agree about the lack luster service (an older man and older woman who don’t want to talk much), but the sweets are worth it


Korry P. Redmond, WA 5 star rating Updated – 12/11/2010

The only place you really have to hit in Winthrop, WA. Best Cinamon rolls in the world. Great place to hang out with kids. They have the best selection of ice cream that you will find and the staff is very attentive and friendy.


Lynn L. Lynnwood, WA 5 star rating 8/18/2010

My family and I have been going to Sheri’s Sweet Shop for years. Every time we go through the wonderful town of Winthrup WA we stop at the main corner to visit Sheri’s sweet Shop. First we go into the candy store to pick out yummy homemade candies along with the old one’s from years gone by. Then we make it out the side door for the homemade ice creams another most have. After the samples we all pick our favorites. The black licorice is my personal favorite. the setting fits right into the western town theme with saddles as chairs or a milk jug chair. And the most beautiful flowers hanging everywhere. BEST service! Don’t forget to stop the next time you take a drive to Winthrup


Mike O. San Francisco, CA 4 star rating 4/17/2006

I like that when I’m reviewing businesses in my hometown, my front page thanks me, saying that Yelp is “just getting started in Winthrop,” like Yelp would seriously cater any further to a small town in rural central Washington State with a population of 300 and biennial rodeos than by passively allowing me to review my childhood haunts. This place has ice cream and putt-putt.


outdoorlovinfamily Snohomish County, Washington 4 star rating Mar 23, 2010

As you enter the town of Winthrop, right on the corner you will find Sher’s Sweet Shop. It’s decked out in the western theme, with wooden sidewalks out front, saddles turned in to chairs, and lots of hanging flowers in the summer. Sheri’s has a large selection of ice creams, some made in house. Inside the sweet shop, you’ll find both commercially produced candies and house made chocolates, caramels, and nut brittles. We’ve worked our way through most of it over the years. They have a seperate small walk up building where you can get espresso drinks, hot dogs, and yummy large cinnamon rolls.

Sheri’s also has a miniature golf course. It is done in a western theme. It’s a little worn, with worn down/ripped greens. If you go, do it first thing in the morning. The golf course is below street level and on a hot day, the sun is punishing.

Going to Sheri’s is a family tradition. Over the years, we’ve spent hundreds on ice cream, candy, and mini golf. My kids love it. My husband, not so much. Sometimes the owners come across as grumpy. The last time we were there we saw a sign for free wi-fi. When we asked about it, we felt the owners were a bit rude as they pointed out that we needed to be a customer to use it, as we stood there with ice creams in hand. We prefer to use the wi-fi at the library just down Hwy 20 if we need to check our email. You can sit at the park and still get a good signal.


KelownaMustang Kelowna, Wa. 4 star rating Aug 29, 2010

Great cinnamon buns and drinkable coffee unlike many places with Starbuck like coffee which tastes like cigarettes drowned into hot water


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